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2023 Jubilee Days Royalty


Best Dress: Alysia Yoder

Interview: Breanna Burris

Congeniality: Jovi Robertson

Photogenic: Breanna Burris

Talent: Lilia Jensen

Sash: Jovi Robertson

2nd runner up: Lilia Jensen

1st runner up: Alycia Yoder

WINNER: Angela Konopasek


Best Dress: Breanna Fellers

Best Interview: Jennifer Murdock

Congeniality: Cecelia Shinn

Photogenic: Riley Nevius

Talent: Riley Nevius

Sash: Riley Nevius

2nd runner up: Riley Nevius

1st runner up: Breanna Fellers

WINNER: Cecelia Shinn

 Lil Miss

Best Dress: Haven Hinkle

Interview: Lennox Brown

Personality: Lilliana Damer

Sash: Josie Parker

Costume: Haven Hinkle

Photogenic: Effie Miller

2nd runner up: Jocelyn Brookshier

1st runner up: Haven Hinkle

WINNER: Lennox Brown

 Junior Miss

Best Dress: Bailey Steenburgen

Interview: Bell Fluty

Congeniality: Mikiah Newell

Sash: Bailey Steenburgen

Talent: Bailey Steenburgen

Photogenic: Lainey Boernha

2nd runner up: Grace Long

1st runner up: Bailey Steenburgen

WINNER: Hayden Sutherland

2023 Jubilee Days Queen and Princess Rules


  • You must be a Warsaw High School or Warsaw Middle School Student

  • You may compete in the pageant if you are home schooled.  You must bring proof of address to verify you are in the Warsaw school district.

  • You must have a sponsor for the event.

  • You must pay the entry fee of $75.00 before the Queen’s Tea to be eligible.

  • You must attend all of the rehearsals before the event.

  • You must attend any other events said by event chairman

  • If chosen Queen or Princess you are required to attend many events throughout Jubilee Days, as well as numerous events throughout the year. ** Some events are mandatory.

  • We follow the Missouri sanctioned rules with the Miss Teen Missouri.

  • You will be required to sign a Pageant Etiquette Clause at registration.

Jubilee Days Junior Miss and Little Miss Rules


  • Contestant must be enrolled at Warsaw School District or if home schooled they will have to provide Warsaw School district address

  • Little Miss Contestants must be of preschool age to 2nd grade

  • Junior Miss Contestants must be or 3rd to 5th grade

  • Contestant will compete in a costume division, evening gown, and an onstage interview.  Each category will be worth a point value

  • Contestant must attend rehearsals

  • Contestant may wear mascara and lipstick but no other makeup

  • On costume division you need music to accommodate your costume of choice but it can be no longer than 1min 30 seconds.  It may be shorter but not longer. (Little Miss)

  • On talent division talent may not be longer than 3 minutes. (Junior Miss)

  • Evening gowns can be up to your discretion

  • Entry fee is $75.00.  Sponsors normally pay that

  • The contestant will make their own sponsorship sashes that will be judged

  • Upon winning the contestant is expected to be at the events that go on throughout the weekend.

  • Contestants are required to participate in the parade.

  • You will be required to sign a Pageant Etiquette Clause for the contestant and parent at registration

  • Score sheets will be given out at the end of the pageant along with the photogenic picture

Important Dates & Times:

May 6th: Deadline to enter the pageant. You must have the $75 sponsor fee to turn in at this time.

Also, photogenic (headshots) pictures will be taken at Just Teasin’ Salon at the following times:

Queen contestants: 10am

Princess contestants: 11am

Junior Miss contestants: 1pm

Little Miss contestants: 2pm

(Junior Miss and Little Miss contestants are not allowed any makeup except for lipstick and mascara.)


June 3: 1st rehearsal for Junior Miss and Little Miss. Warsaw Community Building at 2pm.

June 4: Queen’s Tea. Warsaw Community Building at 2pm.

Please dress nice for we will have pictures taken for the newspaper. This is for the Queen and Princess contestants only with 1 parent or guardian. You will get times for rehearsals at photogenic.
Bring a change of clothes with you and we will go straight into rehearsal, don’t forget your heels to work on the walk.

Questions: Contact Cyrstal Bates at 660-287-6487.


Baby Jubilee Rules


  • All contestants must have one parent who lives in the Warsaw School district.

  • All contestants must wear a plain white onesie.  Girls may accessorize with bows or headbands.  Boys may wear hats.

  • If your child wins all over boy or girl Baby Jubilee you must attend the parade on Saturday.

  • 1st through 3rd place will be awarded for each age division.

  •  The divisions go as follows:

0-6 month

7-12 month

13-18 month

19-24 month